Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR)
for Paramedics

Preliminary evaluation results show that participating in R2MR training reduces stigma that often surrounds mental health problems and mental illness and increases resiliency. Participants say that they find it applicable in both their work and home lives.


Mental health issues, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), occupational stress injuries and depression are a growing concern among Manitoba’s emergency medical service providers. While many emergency services organizations have prevention policies and programs in place, it’s apparent that the stigma around mental health in the workplace continues and many paramedics are not receiving the support they need.

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba is committed to improving the well-being of its members, with a focus on mental health awareness, prevention tactics, and evidence-based approaches to trauma reduction. This approach will assist paramedics to develop personal strategies and coping mechanisms to manage the stress and cumulative effects of the many traumatic incidents they encounter.

P.A.M. has collaborated with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to deliver the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR), a valuable mental health training program, to paramedics in our province.  The R2MR course has been adapted from its original format developed by the Department of National Defence to meet the needs of paramedic practitioners .


Course Overview

Originally developed by the Department of National Defence, R2MR is a training program aimed to:

  • Improve short-term performance and long-term mental health outcomes;
  • Reduce barriers to care and encourage early access to care;
  • Provide the tools and resources required to manage and support employees who may be experiencing a mental illness; and
  • Assist supervisors in maintaining their own mental health as well as promoting positive mental health in their employees.



  • To support the mental health and wellbeing of first responders;
  • To enable the full productivity of employees;
  • To ensure the workplace is respectful and inclusive of all employees, including those with mental health problems and mental illness;
  • To encourage employees to seek help for mental health problems and mental illness.



  • To examine the effects of mental health problems and mental illness in the workplace;
  • To help first responders identify indicators of declining and poor mental health in themselves and others;
  • To introduce the concept of Mental Health Continuum Model;
  • To review employees', managers', and employers' mental health rights and responsibilities;
  • To provide strategies to maintain good mental health.


R2MR Course Options for Members

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba is able to offer two R2MR course options to our members:

Primary 4-hour course

Frontline paramedics are provided with valuable information, skills, tools and resources specific to:

  • Stigma and barriers to care;
  • Healthy coping strategies;
  • Mental toughness; and
  • The Mental Health Continuum Model, a self-assessment tool with indicators of positive, poor, and declining mental health.

Leadership 8-hour course

Designed for paramedic supervisors and managers, where in addition to the topics covered in the primary course, leaders acquire tools and skills specific to:

  • Workplace accommodations and return to work;
  • The role of leadership in promoting positive mental health in employees;
  • Ad hoc incident reviews; and
  • Early recognition.


Course Registration

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba has been awarded a licence by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) to provide R2MR training to members of the Association.

Registration cost for all R2MR courses includes MHCC registration, information handouts and a wallet copy of the Mental Health Continuum Model.


Course Fees Per Individual

Primary 4-hour Course:        $ 70.00
Leadership 8-hour Course:    $150.00 – Includes lunch.

By agreement with MHCC, at this time registration is limited to members of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba.

Course dates are listed on our web site as they become available. To register, click on the link found on the Professional Development - Courses page.

To obtain additional information, or if you have any questions regarding the R2MR course, please contact our office by email at info@paramedicsofmanitoba.ca , or call 204-789-8040.

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