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Value of Membership

A Professional Association is a synergistic group that can have enormous strength and credibility amongst politicians, decision-makers, administrators and managers, educational institutions, media and the public. Healthcare associations represent a collection of professionals who work towards the common goal of promoting and improving the medical profession they are associated with and the care they provide.

Becoming a member of a professional association should be viewed as a career choice. It is part of what being a professional is all about. It may sound old-school to some, but a professional identity begins with joining your professional association. Alongside regulators and labour organizations, associations are vital to a strong professional practice.

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba is a voluntary membership professional association for paramedics and emergency medical responders licenced in Manitoba. Members of the Association have access to a strong and influential advocacy organization ensuring appropriate representation in decisions affecting the provision of out-of-hospital and the future of the paramedic profession. P.A.M. assists its members by providing resources, support, information and opportunities that might not otherwise be available.

Since the Paramedic Association of Manitoba was formed, the collective voice of the membership has played a key role in many professional advancements that have improved practice and patient care;

  • Development of a provincial continuing education program;
  • Advancement of pre-hospital education to align with the National Occupational Competency Profiles;
  • Establishment of both Primary Care Paramedic and Advanced Care Paramedic education programs at Red River College;
  • Completion of an EMS System review resulting in enhanced education, operational standards and staffing models;
  • Expanding paramedic scope of practice and streamlined medical delegation processes;
  • Recognition of paramedics as health care providers;
  • Pursuit of paramedic self-regulation.


Association membership includes:

  • P.A.M newsletter;
  • Access to P.A.M. online Continuing Education designed to meet the requirements of the Manitoba Continuing Competency Program for Paramedics (MCCPP);
  • Professional development and wellness education programs;
  • P.A.M. EMS Mobile App;
  • Membership in the Paramedic Association of Canada and eligibility to their full suite of membership benefits, including Professional Liability Insurance;
  • Eligibility for Associate members to purchase PAM group liability insurance for certified first aid instructors through PROLINK Insurance Inc.
  • Regular e-newsletters providing timely notification of events, professional development and news updates;
  • Negotiated member discounts with select retailers and suppliers;
  • Celebration of professional distinction with long standing service pins and excellence awards;
  • Exclusive online resources available on our “members only” web site platform.


As a member of the Association you have the opportunity to share your voice, knowledge and expertise to influence positive change and further our profession.

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