Code of Ethics

The primary objective for practitioners seeking professional recognition should most certainly be to raise the standards and service of the profession. A code of ethics and professional conduct is an essential element of that process, as it entrenches the commitment of all members of a profession to the public interest. In keeping with our obligation to promote the well-being, safety and appropriate medical treatment of our patients, the Paramedic Association of Manitoba has developed a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for it's membership.

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You can also download an Adobe (pdf) version of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct .


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba affirms its responsibility to develop the spirit of professionalism within its membership and to promote high ethical standards in the practice of Emergency Medical Services.

Paramedic Association of Manitoba members are committed to achieving excellence:

  I. The paramedic shall regard their responsibility to the patient as paramount and strive to preserve human life, alleviate suffering, and adhere to the principles of beneficence. The paramedic must have respect for their patients' autonomy and ensure quality and equal availability of care to all.

II. The paramedic shall provide services based on human need, with respect for human dignity, unrestricted by consideration of age, race, sex, color, status, national or ethnic origin, or physical/mental disability.

III. The paramedic shall respect, protect, and fulfill the commitment to confidentiality of patient information in accordance with law.

IV. The paramedic shall practice their profession uninfluenced by motives of profit.

V. The paramedic will assume all responsibility for his or her actions, and ensure that others receive credit for their work and contributions.

VI. The paramedic assumes responsibility to expose incompetence or unethical conduct of others to the appropriate authority. The paramedic refuses to participate in unethical procedures.

VII. Each practitioner understands and complies with the laws and regulations relevant to their professional role.

VIII. The paramedic shall participate in defining and upholding standards of professional practice and education. The paramedic strives for professional excellence by maintaining competence in knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality care and maintaining currency in issues related to EMS.

IX. The paramedic recognizes a responsibility to participate in professional activities, associations, and research that contribute to the improvement of public health, and will and encourage the participation of peers.

 This code of ethics is not law, but a professional standard of conduct which defines the essentials of honorable behavior for the paramedic; a behavior that will foster pride, admiration, and respect for the profession of paramedicine.

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