Becoming a Paramedic

To become a paramedic in Manitoba, you must graduate from an paramedic education program approved by the provincial regulator (Manitoba Health, Seniors and Living - Emergency Medical Services Branch) and successfully complete the national written examination administered by the Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR).

The Primary Care Paramedic education program is a minimum of 1020 contact hours, including at least 60 hours of clinical practice in various health care settings and 240 hours of paramedic practicum experience. The education is based on the entry-to-practice competencies outlined in the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP) for Paramedics as defined by the Paramedic Association of Canada.


Program Entrance Prerequisites

To enrol in a Primary Care Paramedic education program in Manitoba, applicants require at minimum:

  • Mature student status or secondary school diploma including at least one senior level credit in each: Biology, Chemistry and English;
  • Level C Health Care Provider CPR certification (current within one year);
  • Up-to-date immunization status including Varicella and Hepatitis B;
  • Current criminal record and child abuse registry checks;
  • Completion of a physical fitness test related to suitability for a career in Paramedicine. (The results of this fitness test are used for counseling and advisement purposes only)

 (NOTE - Senior level credits may be obtained in Grade 11 or 12 , however admission requirements for each paramedic education program vary and may stipulate specific Grade 12 programs. You are encouraged to check the admission requirements set by each educator).

Approved Education Programs

The Manitoba provincial regulator approves the following Primary Care Paramedic education programs:

  • Criti Care EMS Inc.  
  • Manitoba Emergency Services College  
  • Red River College (PCP)  
  • University College of the North  
  • Canadian Medical Association (CMA) accredited PCP education programs from other jurisdictions.



Graduates of an approved education program are eligible to write the national examination within one year of course completion. Upon successful completion of the national exam a licence application must then be submitted to the provincial regulator. More information is available on the Manitoba Health, Seniors and Living - Emergency Medical Services Branch web site   .

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