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Professional Liability Insurance


APPLY to be a NEW Paramedic Association of Manitoba Member!

Please find the detailed insurance brochure HERE

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba has partnered with the Paramedic Association of Canada and MARSH Canada to provide its members an exclusive and comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance program which will be included in your Paramedic Association membership.

·     Coverage in each participating member’s name* - anywhere the member practices across the world - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year

·     Coverage for participating registered / licensed Emergency Medical Responders, Dispatchers, Primary Care Paramedics (or PCP-IC's), Advanced Care Paramedics and Critical Care Paramedics (or their equivalent)

·     Each participating member will receive a copy of the “personal and portable” professional liability insurance coverage. This may be needed to initiate and renew their registration / license / practice permit with a provincial regulatory authority

·     Members are eligible for $5,000,000* per claim / $5,000,000 aggregate per year INCLUDING COVID-19 related claims up to $1,0000,000 per claim / $1,000,000 aggregate per year

·     Coverage for professional conduct matters with a regulatory authority

·     Coverage will be provided for students, when they are supervised by a regulated member, for example during a clinical practicum

·     A free 30-minute consultation with a law firm pertaining to the rendering of your professional services as a paramedic including general questions, inquiries, or advice on how to respond to a particular situation, etc.

*College of Paramedics of Manitoba requirement


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The insurance provided under this program is meant to be in excess of any other insurance available to employed practitioners that are members in good standing of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba. Practitioners must first be covered under their employer’s professional liability policy in order to be eligible. Those that are self-employed or own and operate their own business under their own name or a company name are not eligible.

Please review our Liability Insurance Q&A 

Step-By-Step Renewal Process 

Here you can find more information about the upcoming and future renewal process: 2020/2021 Renewal

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