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Paramedic Education in Manitoba


Accreditation is the public recognition that an educational program has met national standards. The goal is to ensure that programs enable their students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to function as competent health practitioners for the benefit of all Canadians.

The Canadian Medical Association has provided the corporate structure for the conjoint accreditation process since 1938. The accreditation process operates through the collaboration of national professional organizations and provincial regulatory bodies who participate as accreditation sponsors. The CMA's accreditation secretariat coordinates the process and provides administrative support for the accreditation committees and survey teams.

The Canadian Medical Association uses the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP) devleoped by the Paramedic Association of Canada as the basis for accrediation of paramedic education in Canada. A list of accredited paramedic education programs can be found on the CMA web site at http://www.cma.ca/index.cfm/ci_id/19324/la_id/1.htm#PARA.

EMS Education in Manitoba

Criti Care EMS, Inc. - http://www.criticareems.com

Manitoba Emergency Services College - http://www.firecomm.gov.mb.ca/mesc.html

Southern Manitoba Academy for Response Training (EMR) - http://www.smartems.net

Red River College (PCP) - http://me.rrc.mb.ca/Catalogue/ProgramFrame.aspx?ProgCode=EMEMP-NA&RegionCode=WPG

Red River College (ACP) - http://me.rrc.mb.ca/Catalogue/ProgramFrame.aspx?ProgCode=PRICF-NA&RegionCode=WPG

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